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Breach of Fiduciary Duty:

Fiduciary duty is the responsibility entrusted to a person of power to act in good faith on behalf of the company in matters related to the business’s operations or finances. This is a legal obligation, and a breach of fiduciary duty can result in a lawsuit.

At The Pickering Law Firm, P.A. our attorneys routinely represent companies in seeking to hold fiduciaries accountable for any breach of fiduciary duty that has harmed the company.

Johnson County Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Lawyer — Protecting Your Company From The Actions Of A Fiduciary

An open book laying on a table in a law library.Through skilled case preparation, our business litigation attorneys will demonstrate to the court that:
• The individual had a responsibility to the company as a fiduciary
• The fiduciary failed to act in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders
• The company experienced loss or damages in some manner because of the breach of fiduciary duty
• The fiduciary used the power entrusted to him or her for personal financial gain, aside from salary or fees

Our attorneys have the experience and track record for success needed to instill confidence in our clients and command the respect of opposing parties. We are skilled in litigation and will aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Throughout the case, your business’s goals and objectives are our utmost priority, and you will be equipped with the answers and information needed to make the best possible decisions for your company.

For skilled representation in handling a breach of fiduciary duty and protecting the interests of your company, please contact our law firm today at 913.647.9019 to schedule a consultation. Our firm will represents the interests of companies throughout the world facing disputes and litigation in Missouri and Kansas.

Business Litigation Attorneys Serving Kansas and Missouri

Whether you are initiating litigation, or you are being sued, it is important that you protect your company and your interests with seasoned business litigation attorneys. The Pickering Law Firm, P.A., has the business savvy and experience to help you work out disputes inside and outside of the courtroom. We have worked with small and midsize businesses throughout Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County and the surrounding communities of Kansas and Missouri.

Resolving Business Disputes Throughout Kansas and Missouri

Photo of Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri.

One of the best ways you can protect your business when there is an impending dispute or business lawsuit is to hire a law firm with a wide-range of business litigation capabilities. Our law firm can provide representation at the local to national levels, as well as mediation, negotiation, litigation and appellate counsel. Being able to have knowledgeable counsel at any level or stage in the business litigation process is important. Our lawyers provide that key readiness for our business dispute clients.
If you are facing pending business litigation, call our law offices at 912-647-9019. Our firm routinely represents companies throughout the United States and the world with business interests here in Kansas and Missouri.

Experienced Business Litigation Attorneys: Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri

We offer trial lawyers representation for corporate and commercial disputes that include:
• Contract disputes — A vast majority of business litigation revolves around the contracts and agreements that structure business relationships and transactions, including breach of contract.
• Shareholder and partnership disputes — We represent clients in breach of fiduciary duty, non-compete disputes, governance issues, dissolution, business divorce and all other disputes within partnerships and corporations.
• Business torts such as fraud — We protect our clients’ interests from financial harm due to fraudulent business practices and misrepresentation.
• Employment litigation — The firm is known for its understanding of non-compete and other employment law litigation.
• Copyright and trademark infringement — We protect the brand identity and intellectual property of our clients in all copyright, trademark and proprietary information disputes.
• Business dissolution — Should a business or corporation require dissolution, we are equipped to handle litigation of any matters that might arise.
• Promissory note disputes — Our attorneys are skilled in recovering the assets clients are owed on outstanding promissory notes through litigation.
If you are interested in discussing your potential business lawsuit with one of our business litigation lawyers in Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County, we invite you to please reach out to us online.

Business Fraud

Representing Businesses In Kansas and Missouri in Business Fraud Litigation.
If your business is a party to a business relationship, and you have suffered financial losses due to fraudulent behavior or the misrepresentation of important facts by another party to that relationship, it is important to seek experienced counsel to assist you. You may have a legal claim for business fraud and you need to identify your options for recovery.
At the Pickering Law Firm, P.A., in Johnson County, we represent business owners and business principals with an understanding of what fraud can do to a business’s bottom line. With more than 30 years of experience providing small business support and representation in business disputes, attorney Christopher Pickering has the correct perspective to protect your long-term interests, while maintaining short-term goals.

Business Fraud Litigation

An image of a scale (scales of Justice).Our firm represents businesses in cases involving intentional or negligent misrepresentation, as well as unfair business practices. These claims can involve a wide range of actions and behaviors, but all have a damaging financial impact on our clients.
While litigation may come at many costs to a business, we will always look at what resolutions are optimal for achieving your goals. In some cases, this means arbitration or mediation may be a better option. In others, this means that pursuing a resolution in the courtroom is preferable. You can be assured that we will do whatever is best for your interests throughout the process.
Contact The Pickering Law Firm, P.A.
For more information regarding business fraud and other complex business litigation in Kansas and Missouri, or to schedule an initial consultation with lawyer Christopher Pickering, contact us at the The Pickering Law Firm, P.A. Call our Johnson County office to make an appointment.

Business Transaction Dispute Attorney In Johnson County

The attorneys of The Pickering Law Firm, P.A., provide the legal acumen and capable representation required to successfully resolve any disputes related to business transactions. We understand the importance of achieving a favorable outcome and will leverage our experience to protect your business interests.
Our contract lawyers will review all pertinent contracts and agreements, as well as any government codes, surrounding the transaction. We will outline all available legal options in resolving the matter, including negotiation, arbitration and litigation.
Our trial lawyers are prepared to zealously protect your business interests and investments through whatever means necessary. We have a track record of success litigating on behalf of clients in business transaction matters.

Johnson County Business Transaction Dispute Lawyer — Advocacy In The Midst Of Business Contract Disputes

The Kansas State Flag - closeupThe firm represents businesses in all forms of transactional disputes and business lawsuits, including those involving:
• The acquisition or sale of a business or company
• Collection of assets on outstanding promissory notes
• Breach of contract, including buy-sell agreements and vendor or supplier contracts
• Trade agreements
• Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) disputes
• Disputes with banks or investment companies
Throughout each case, our firm remains mindful of your specific business goals and priorities, as well as public relations considerations and other factors that could impact the company. Our representation is customized to your specific situation with solutions and strategies that meet your needs.
To learn more about our business transaction representation and to schedule a consultation, please contact our Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri, law firm today at We litigate on behalf of companies across the world who are facing business transaction disputes in the state of Kansas and Missouri.

Contract Dispute Attorneys

Serving All of Kansas and Missouri

A formal looking photo of the hand of a business person in a suit signing a contract.Contracts are fundamental to all business operations and relationships. When a contract is breached, legal action must be taken to enforce the agreement to protect the business and ensure that further damage is not done to other commercial relationships.

At The Pickering Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys zealously advocate on behalf of businesses and professionals throughout Kansas and Missouri in contract disputes. We provide staunch advocacy in litigation and will aggressively act to protect your interests in these disputes.

Contract Litigation Lawyer In Johnson County — Handling All Forms Of Contract Disputes in Kansas and Missouri

We assist in all types of contract disputes, including:
• Licensing issues and use of intellectual property
• Service and supplier agreements
• Noncompete agreements
• Partnership and shareholder agreements
• Operating agreements
• Franchise disputes
• Right of first refusal
• Buy-sell agreements
• Employment contracts
• Trade contracts
• Implied agreements
• Promissory notes and recovering assets

No matter how involved or complex the contract or dispute, we are prepared with the legal experience and contract law understanding to protect your interests, litigating the matter if necessary. It is critical that you have capable legal representation on your side should the matter go to court.

We will thoroughly investigate the alleged breach of contract, gathering all relevant correspondence, documentation and accounts. Our attorneys carry the legal burden on your behalf, minimizing disruption to your business and its operations.

We will resolve the issue as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. If litigation is required, however, you can trust our trial lawyers to skillfully and zealously provide an advantageous resolution in court.

To learn more about our abilities in contract disputes and litigation, please contact our Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri, law firm today at 913-647-9199 We handle litigation on behalf of companies internationally and domestically with interests in Kansas and Missouri.

Corporate Dissolution Attorney In Johnson County Kansas

The Pickering Law Firm, P.A., provides corporate dissolution representation to businesses and corporations throughout Kansas and Missouri. Should initial shareholders or members of an LLC decide that they no longer wish to continue together in business, we help to develop a customized exit strategy or solutions for divesting a member.

Upon deciding the disband, an LLC can dissolve the corporation through a statutory process. This could be as easy as an administrative process, if all parties agree on all terms of the dissolution. The matter could escalate to litigation, however, if disputes arise. This is not uncommon during dissolution as there was often a reason the members decided to part ways, including usurpation of the corporation, breach of fiduciary duty, or violation of corporate governance by one or several of the parties involved. This is where an corporate dissolution attorney can be helpful.

Corporate Dissolution Lawyer In Johnson County — Representation To Dissolve A Corporation Or LLC

We are equipped to skillfully represent the interests of our clients in these disputes, negotiating or litigating the terms of the business dissolution or pursuing legal action against offending parties.

In some cases, members of an LLC wish to remove another member or critical stakeholder. Our attorneys will guide you through the process of divestiture of that member. This often requires the involvement of the court. We will advise you of all legal options at your disposal, assisting in removing the member with minimal disruption to the business.

These can be delicate matters, but our lawyers are equipped with the experience, skill and business law acumen to ensure that your interests and that of the corporation are protected.

To discuss the possibility of corporate dissolution with our attorneys, please contact our Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri, law offices today at 913-647-9199 Our firm advocates for companies with interests in Kansas and Missouri.

Intellectual Property Attorney In Johnson County

The Pickering Law Firm, P.A., represents business owners and companies throughout Kansas and Missouri in intellectual property disputes. This property is vital to a company’s growth and competitive advantage, and its protection is of utmost importance.
If you discover that another party or company is utilizing your intellectual property, it is critical that you work with legal representation to ensure that this activity is stopped, avoiding damage to your brand or competitive advantage.

Johnson County Intellectual Property Lawyer Preventing Misuse Of Your Company’s IP

We work to protect the investment that you have made in the development of intellectual property and proprietary information, including:
• Copyright infringement
• Trademarks disputes
• Brand identity
• Trade secrets
• Collateral
• Unfair competition
• Licensing agreements and usage
Our firm is proactive, aggressively confronting illegal use of your IP at the first sign of infringement. We will first seek to resolve the matter through cease and desist letters and proceedings. If the other party or company refuses to cooperate, by not ceasing the activity or use of your information, we will take action. Our attorneys are experienced in business litigation, aggressively protecting the rights and property of our clients.

Noncompete Agreements

If you have an employee or former employee who has violated a noncompete agreement or nondisclosure agreement, we are prepared to hold that individual accountable, enforcing the terms of that contract.
To learn more about how our IP lawyers can protect your company’s investment and competitive advantage, please contact our Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri, law firm today at 913-647-9199 We litigate on behalf of companies globally with business interests in the state of Kansas and Missouri.

Kansas and Missouri Corporate Governance Attorney

The attorneys of The Pickering Law Firm, P.A., provide experienced legal guidance to firms and corporations throughout Kansas and Missouri in the resolution of corporate governance disputes. We are prepared to protect the interests of your corporation from violations of these standards, preserving the stability and value of the firm.
Corporate governance consists of rules, processes and protocol that have been agreed upon in advance. These guidelines offer stability to the corporation, dictating how the company should be run and how disputes should be handled. Governance is intended to provide clarity and direction to all stakeholders, including the board of directors, shareholders, management and employees.
Strong corporate governance positively affects the firm’s perceived value in the market. Strict enforcement projects stability and can make it easier to raise capital and investment.

Kansas and Missouri Corporate Governance Lawyer — Experience And Skill In Corporate Law Protecting Your Interests

43854076_s (1) 1Common examples of corporate governance violations include:
• Unethical behavior
• Failure to comply with legal standards
• Use of the corporation for personal gain
• Failure to differentiate between corporate and personal finances
• Lack of transparency
• Breach of fiduciary duty

Violation of corporate governance by any member creates problems for all other stakeholders and affects the value of the company. It must be dealt with proactively and aggressively to avoid legal issues for the company and to protect the interests of all other stakeholders.

Our attorneys will investigate any suspicions of corporate governance violation to determine what has occurred and provide a clear understanding of all legal options. This could include divesting or removing a member.

To learn more about how we can assist in the enforcement of corporate governance and resolve any disputes, please contact our Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri, law firm today at 913-647-9199 Our firm routinely advocates for companies throughout the United States and globally who are facing disputes in Kansas and Missouri.

Noncompete Litigation Attorney In Kansas and Missouri

Noncompetition agreements, nondisclosure agreements and other restraints of trade play a critical role in protecting the intellectual property and competitive advantage of a firm or business. These must be strictly enforced.

The attorneys of The Pickering Law Firm, P.A., have significant experience in advocating on behalf of both individuals and companies locked in noncompetition disputes and litigation. Our Johnson County lawyers have provided sound legal guidance in such matters to a wide range of industries, including technology, sales, medical, financial and engineering.

Noncompete Litigation Attorneys Representing Former Employees And Companies

8423383_s 1Our lawyers will review the terms of the noncompetition agreement that was signed, as well as the actions or circumstances that initiated the dispute. We will advise you of all legal options available, also describing any risk or advantages associated with each. It is our business to assist in advancing your business, and we will help you make educated decisions that are best for the long-term health and viability of your company or career.

Our lawyers are experienced litigators, prepared to zealously protect your interests in court, should litigation be the necessary option. We have a track record of success in noncompetition litigation and contract law. In addition to noncompetition disputes, we will handle any related trade secret disputes as well.

To schedule an initial consultation and discuss the noncompete dispute at hand, please contact our Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri-based law firm today at 913-647-9199 We represent companies international companies and throughout the United States with interests in Kansas and Missouri.

Small-Business Lawyer In Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County

Centrally located in Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri, thePickering Law Firm, P.A., provides legal counsel and representation for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the surrounding communities of Kansas and Missouri. For the businesses we work with, we are committed to achieving successful results and meeting client goals in a cost-effective manner.

Attorney Christopher Pickering has more than 28 years of experience working with companies in a variety of industries that are dealing with issues of formation, contract drafting and review, business transactions, and litigation.

Medium And Small-Business Attorney In Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County

Whether you are just starting a small business on your own, or you are the principal in a medium-sized business, every successful business needs knowledgeable advice and effective legal representation. Our firm’s professionals, including lawyer Christopher Pickering, can effectively represent your interests, whether you are starting your first business, or you have ongoing business needs.

Outside In-House General Counsel Services

19530620_s 1While the cost of an in-house attorney is generally prohibitive for many small and medium-sized businesses, unique legal needs can often arise that require timely and cost-effective solutions. The Pickering Law Firm offers an outside in-house counsel program that meets client needs and budgets. Each relationship is unique and we have no rigid fee schedules, service packages or terms.

For a dramatically reduced effective hourly rate through the use of a low flat monthly fee, a business can have immediate access, on a daily basis if necessary, to our team of experienced legal professionals for services that include contract review, project management, letter writing, corporate protocols and many others.

Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County Business Litigation

Filing or defending a lawsuit to protect your interests may become necessary. The firm litigates on behalf of local, regional and national clients in all aspects of pretrial, trial, appellate and post-judgment civil proceedings in state and federal courts.

We regularly handle difficult and complicated commercial litigation involving multiple parties and complex issues. Computerized legal research, litigation support and trained legal assistants assist us in managing complicated cases.

Contact The Pickering Law Firm, P.A.for more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, contact us at the Pickering Law Firm, P.A. Call our Kansas City Metropolitan and Johnson County office at 913-647-9019 to make an appointment. We provide representation in Kansas and Missouri to companies spanning the globe.

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