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Christopher Pickering, an attorney in Kansas City practicing in shareholder disputes litigation.

Christopher Pickering

Chris is a knowledgeable strategist, negotiator and litigator, with over 25 years of experience. He has practiced in premiere law firms and in a boutique litigation firm. He focuses on Business Law and Corporate Disputes, from partnership disagreements to large-scale corporate shareholder representation. He has a history of implementing  thoughtful strategies to help protect his client’s assets and interests.

In addition to his Corporate Law background, Chris has extensive experience with Product Liability, Medical Malpractice and other areas of general business disputes as discussed below.

General Business Disputes

Business Disputes

Chris has represented individuals and companies in litigation and disputes over non-competition agreements. He has also assisted in drafting these agreements, and in advising individuals faced with signing such agreements in reaching a reasonable accommodation while balancing company and individuals needs.

Guaranty Agreements

Chris has represented companies seeking to enforce guaranty agreements, and in drafting such agreements.

General Contract Disputes

Chris has represented numerous individuals and companies in litigation and disputes over contract interpretation.

Shareholder Disputes

Company Breakup

Shareholders sometimes can no longer work together to manage the business and need guidance on how to end the relationship without destroying the value of the company. Chris has provided such advice on a number of occasions.

Minority Shareholder Oppression/Freeze Out

Shareholders with majority voting power may use that authority to oppress minority shareholders. Chris has assisted companies in avoiding these problems, as well assisting those who have been the target of this conduct.

Breach of Shareholder Agreement/Fiduciary Duties

Often, shareholders and directors owe a duty to other shareholders to act in each other’s best interests, and not solely in their own interest. Chris has advised companies in complying with their obligations. He has also represented individuals, and groups of individuals, who have been the subject of breaches of these duties.

Usurpation of Corporate Opportunities

Corporate opportunities belong to the company first, and cannot be diverted by those with a fiduciary obligation to the company or shareholders. Chris has represented companies that have had valuable opportunities diverted to individuals or other companies by those with a duty not to do so.

Professional Malpractice Defense

Chris has represented individuals in a broad range of medical malpractice areas, including the following.

Emergency Room Medicine

Failure to diagnose heart attack; ectopic pregnancy; stroke management; meningitis; and shock trauma.


Cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment; bladder suspension.


Failed bier block; fetal/infant resuscitation; Pain management: over/under sedation; Nursing Malpractice.

Nursing Malpractice

Ulcers; wrong limb surgery; labor management.

Family Practice

Obstetrics; vasectomy; melanoma diagnosis and treatment.


Stereotactic Radio Surgery; AVM diagnosis and treatment.


Cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Failure to discover theft.


Load bearing design flaws; project management; water management; storm water management.


Design flaws; project management; material specification.

General Construction Litigation

Failure to follow plans and specifications – road design; school design; building design; design build.

Land Use Planning

Chris has represented Individuals and companies before planning boards, and local and county government.

Business and Trade Licensure and Regulation

Many businesses are subject to licensure and significant state and federal regulation.

Products Liability

Chris has handled cases involving Medical devices, drugs, and industrial equipment products liability.

Intellectual Property

Chris has litigated Trademark/Trade name infringement; service mark infringement; and trade secrets.


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